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Warehouse management has changed a lot over the years. It has always been more important to have inventory if needed, be it for manufacturing or shipping products to customers. The real sin was to ‘not have the inventory’ necessary to build products. So, companies held large stocks of materials, components, and finished goods.

Today, companies have become much more conscious of inventory and how much money is tied up in these inventories. Warehouse management’s tasks include,

  • Receiving and identify goods,
  • Locating and storing goods (so that they can be readily found and picked),
  • Picking and Kitting products for production floor orders,
  • Receiving finished goods from production, and
  • Packaging and shipping products to customers

One of the most important tasks, that Warehouse Management is charged with, is the processing of the many different business transactions into the company’s production system in real-time and in a very timely manner.

This is extremely important because many of the other departments, such as Customer Service, Planning, Purchasing, and Production are tied directly to the myriad of transactions that the warehouse personnel must make each day. And without this information, these departments have difficulty doing their jobs.

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