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As companies grow, their production processes can increase in complexity. Likewise, with company growth, production schedules can grow in number. The Product Routing file can also become longer depending upon the manufactured good. All of this can mean longer manufacturing times.

Eventually, this growth mandates tracking and monitoring the production activities to ensure that the Master Production Schedule and Sales Order Backlogs remain synchronized and customer deliveries are kept on time. Many companies accomplish this task by creating a Production Control department (also known as Shop Floor Control).

This group is then tasked with the responsibility to manage and prioritize work orders to meet schedules and deadlines. This is accomplished by maintaining the work-in-process and communicating the status of work orders to the rest of the company.

Finally, the Production Control department reports the efficiency, machine utilization, and labor productivity for the work completed.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services

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Supplier Sourcing. Companies rely on the revenue streams generated by their product lines. The expectation of better than market pricing for these products and services can depend heavily on the development and execution of the company’s supplier sourcing strategies. For more on this topic, please follow this link.