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Procurement Outsourcing

Today’s competitive environment calls for in-depth analysis of the company’s procurement and supply chain strategy. This requires a more granular look at what the company’s objectives are, what is to be accomplished to meet those objectives, and what the best method is to achieve those goals.

By taking this stepped approach, clients can accelerate their timelines and get not only more savings, but more ‘value’ for the company spend.

What We Do

MSCS partners with clients to design Sourcing and Procurement solutions that address our clients’ objectives and accommodate future changes. Our team can scale an outsourcing program that meets the following objectives:

Procurement Transformation Completely redesign procurement operations end-to-end rapidly to simplify transition goals to achieve world class procurement performance. For more information, follow this link
Supplement Sourcing Supplement sourcing activities for select processes, spending categories, or logistical designations. For more information, follow this link
Operational Support Implement operational support to drive efficiencies, accelerate initiatives, and reduce budgetary costs for clients that already have a strong, skilled procurement organization. For more information, follow this link

Procurement Support Services

MSCS’s expertise at integrating and accelerating supply chains, along with our current operational posture offers clients quantifiable benefits at a competitive price for supplemental procurement support services. These benefits include:

  • Cost reduction – Reduce overhead expenses, training, and computerization.
  • Market leverage – Leverage spend for better discounts
  • Economies of Scale – Decreased transaction cost per purchase
  • Market knowledge – Supplier selection best for each product purchased
  • Ready Resources – Immediate stand-up of a world-class sourcing team

What is the Best Way to Accomplish this?

MSCS provides a ‘Value Added’ focus when helping clients migrating to an Outsourcing Procurement model and is accomplished in each of the following areas:

Procurement activities can be designated and scaled by the client in accordance with their specific needs. Capabilities include:

  • Procurement Performance – MSCS will improve overall procurement performance without internal fixed investments
  • Transactional Procurement – MSCS will provide oversight and management of day-to-day procurement activities to allow client focus to remain on core competencies relative to critical business functions.
  • MSCS Outsourcing Wheel

  • Cost Reduction – MSCS will customize a procurement strategy to establish market leverage and reduce costs. For more info, follow link here
  • Supplier Management – Supplier optimization, performance metrics, and contract management.  For more info, follow link here
  • Verifiable Compliance – MSCS is knowledgeable and compliant to support of organizations subject to DCAA (Defense Contractor Audit Agency), FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations), DFAR (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations) procurement requirements.

Organizational Structure and Performance

A typical company spends over 50% of its revenue on direct and indirect goods and services. The strategic importance of a world-class procurement operation becomes pivotal to the bottom-line profitability.

Whether your company would like to build a world-class procurement operation or would like to outsource, the considerations will include your company’s structure, benchmarking, and training. For more information, please follow link here.


MSCS is committed to the success of its clients. That commitment is what drives our support model. Our capacity to tailor a program to address our client’s initiatives through scalable solutions is quite distinctive in the procurement outsourcing market.

Learn more about MSCS’s procurement and supply chain programs.



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