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Manufacturing, Planning & Control (MPC)

As companies grow, operational challenges and coordination grow both in number and complexity. The challenges companies face as they experience growth include balancing and prioritizing demand, capacity and available supply.

It becomes critical to find a path forward by analyzing your company’s operational data, transaction needs and presenting options that meet both operational and budgetary requirements.

Managing Workloads Using Production Information Systems

Advanced production systems today fall under the category of Manufacturing, Planning and Control (MPC) and are typically referred to as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Today’s programs keep everyone working together towards the same customer-centric goals and business objectives. Furthermore, these systems are ‘user-friendly’ allowing users to run reports and participate in managing performance.

We work with clients to,

  • analyze the volume of transactions and information processed at the company to determine the key functions needed to achieve the business objectives and goals
  • formulate and execute a strategy for evaluating and testing various production systems that fit their business model and cost structure to achieve current and long-term operational needs.

How We Work

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services (MSCS) is a Supply Chain Operations consultancy that partners with clients to design a robust supply chain operation. During this process, we identify opportunities and drive top-line growth through targeted transformation and optimization efforts.

We collaborate with clients to help create a competitive advantage by aligning operational capabilities with business and commercial strategies. Furthermore, we target and measure performance across all departments and that drives results.

Why Look to MSCS as Your Consulting Partner?

Our teams have participated in systems and software launches needed to manage day-to-day business activities such as manufacturing, inventory, accounting, and procurement. These launches involved both PC as well as larger network or server-based applications such as Oracle.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services (MSCS) uses analytics and programs to assess your current operations and guides you through the process of identifying and evaluating production systems.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services

We are Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services, MSCS, specializing in ‘enterprise wide’ production and operations management programs. Our company’s proprietary processes and services promote organization, control and cost reduction boosting your company’s bottom line. How can we help you? Contact Us

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