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Managing Working Capital

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services (MSCS) is a Supply Chain Operations consultancy that partners with clients to design a robust supply chain operation. During this process, we identify cost reduction opportunities and drive top-line growth through targeted transformation and optimization efforts.

We collaborate with clients to help create a competitive advantage by aligning operational capabilities with business and commercial strategies. Furthermore, we target and measure performance across all departments, and that drives results.

How We Work

Our experienced teams, comprised of industry leaders, work with client resources to analyze and apply proven best practices using tools and approaches that help clients drive increased value into and from their operations.

Our team is supported by a framework of operational benchmarks and leading practices to guide our clients through the transformation process.

Working Capital

Positive working capital means that a company is financially healthy in the short term, i.e., that the business can pay off its short-term liabilities. Therefore, companies need to closely manage those activities that can significantly increase or decrease working capital levels.

For this reason, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services (MSCS) works with clients to,

  • benchmark the company, among other ‘top performers’ in the industry, to analyze its position relative to other companies and their working capital levels
  • formulate and execute a strategy that enables the company to achieve high performance when planning, executing and controlling working capital

Inventory Turnover Ratios is just one of these opportunities, but for manufacturing companies, it typically has a larger impact. Likewise, Aging Receivables can be a challenge for some companies if left unattended.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services (MSCS) uses analytics and fundamental programs that address the working capital position of a company in each of these areas.

Why Look to MSCS as Your Consulting Partner?

MSCS has a proven track record of helping companies overcome their key enterprise challenges, such as unfavorable levels of working capital.

We have practical experience and tools that can easily be applied to many of the company’s operational issues impacting working capital. Advice provided is based on data analytics and proven methods that have delivered achievable and measurable results.

Furthermore, we work to build teams, gathering support for programs and ensuring that the entire team is well informed.

The Bottom Line. Our track record includes creating and delivering successful programs that help manage and improve a company’s working capital position.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services

We are Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services, MSCS, specializing in ‘enterprise wide’ production and operations management programs. Our company’s proprietary processes and services promote organization, control and cost reduction boosting your company’s bottom line. How can we help you? Contact Us

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