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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

As a company grows, handling the ever-increasing volume of information that the company creates, handles, and stores can become a big burden unless something is done to help organize and streamline these processes.

To accomplish this feat, businesses are turning to information systems that can do this work faster, accurately, and efficiently.

Furthermore, today’s computer hardware has become powerful enough that these information systems can now be loaded and operated on desktop computers.

This is exciting because these inexpensive software programs can help even the smallest of companies integrate and coordinate the actions and departments of a company but at a fraction of the cost that larger corporations pay.’

These software programs are commonly referred to as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Companies are learning to harness the many operational aspects of these programs, and that means learning to and handling the ever-increasing volume of data streams that they receive and transmit daily.

ERP Diagram

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