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Evaluating ERP Systems for Your Company

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are both simple and complex, i.e., while it is easy to understand the ‘high-level’ operating concepts, the ‘devil’ is literally in the details of the set-up and day-to-day operation of the system.

But that too is not as difficult as it seems, yet it does require processes, accuracy, and discipline.

However, in this brief narrative, we’re simply going to imply that companies know what they do and how they do it. So, the question now becomes, “does the ERP software the company is considering enable the company’s employees to get the work done properly, in a timely manner, and help in the decision-making process for the business?’

This is where it is important to have an outline to cover the many points that your company may want to address. The partial diagram below shows some of the ‘basic’ issues that should be addressed by a company when they are researching an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for use at their company.

ERP Evaluation Diagram

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