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MSCS offers Core Business Function software that mirrors the primary functions businesses have to perform every day/week/month/year. Our solution streamlines your business, such as orders, shipping line-up, accounts payable and accounts receivable. We help in areas shown below.

MSCS's Core Business Software
  • Manufacturing — Control product fabrication and assembly
  • Project Management — Enable a seamless workflow
  • Distribution — Ensure smooth distribution
  • Quality Management — Verify product quality
  • Accounting and Finance — Process orders and payments
  • Human Resource Management — Schedule resources efficiently
  • Customer Relationship Management — Manage customer data

MSCS's Core Business Software
Not all functions/capabilities are listed in the chart above. If you are seeking capabilities not shown above or you wish to learn more, please contact our sales department or call 469-500-3040.
MSCS's Core Business Software