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Employee Training

Today, whether building product or taking care of customers, employees bring significant value to the entire business enterprise. And to be great in your industry means having highly trained employees. So, assessing skill sets and conducting employee training is necessary for the organization to be highly successful.

The question is, “does your company have the right personnel, in the right positions, and are they properly trained so that the company can perform and reach its objectives?”

Objectives, Strategies and Policies

An analysis of a company’s place in the market, and industry, makes it possible for a growing company to develop strategic plans to compete. Therefore, it is necessary to know the company’s goals and objectives.

Personnel and Skill Sets

Once the company has determined its direction, programs and procedures, it can determine needed positions, personnel, and the skill sets required to support the operation. After this is accomplished, the company identifies the necessary employee skill sets, training, and the appropriate training methods.

Assessment and Evaluation

Companies review personnel performance regularly. However, there are times when it becomes necessary to assess personnel, currently working in the select positions, to see if they need any additional help to succeed.

Once an assessment has been made of the positional requirements, a comparison is made between the positional requirements and the employee’s background. This comparison identifies any gaps.

Training and Educational Methods

Likewise, once the gap is identified and training chosen, the best method to obtain the training is determined. The training can consist of ‘on-the-job-training,’ webinars, seminars, or classroom training.

    MSCS has fundamental training courses in the following operational areas.

  • Customer Service
  • Planning
  • Production Control
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP) / Tactical Procurement
  • Procurement
  • Inventory Management
  • Stockroom / Kitting
  • Category Management
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Management

MSCS’s Goal: Customer Success

MSCS’s goal is to help your company identify and put the right talent in place so that you can accomplish your goals. MSCS can work to ensure an understanding of the positional requirements and what skill levels are available to meet these requirements.

When and if necessary, MSCS can also help you find the right talent. The bottom line is that MSCS will help your company succeed. MSCS is not content with a solution until the customer is satisfied that it is performing as needed.

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Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services

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