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Production Operations Management

Executives today, in such a competitive global market, want to ensure that their operation meets customer expectations. Let’s face it, the customer wants the ‘right product, at the right time and for the right price.’ Everyone agrees that it is imperative to meet the customer’s expectations. But, the right price also means ‘getting it right’ the first time in every department.

An operational audit, similar to an ISO QMS audit, scores your companies strategic implementation efforts and thus measures the department’s capability of meeting ‘key’ operational metrics, such as ‘on-time shipments.

Some of the largest corporations in the world have used these tools validating their capability of superior customer service, while also knowing that costs are in line maintaining their ‘competitive edge.’

The Bottom Line

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services knows the importance of these activities. We’re available to help your team reach and execute the performance levels of a ‘world class’ organization. Our Operational Audit, with 25 sections and 90 inquiries in ten different operational departments, helps you determine your capabilities in production operations management.

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