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Consulting Services

MSCS wants to be your Consultant or ‘Fractional Director of Operations.’

As your Consultant, MSCS will help you develop, administrate, and management your company’s programs.

For example, take demand planning or forecasting customer demand. MSCS can work with your Customer Service and Planning departments to develop sound fundamental planning and forecasting tools that helps you meet customer needs.

Moreover, and equally important, MSCS not only teaches the ‘what, where, when, and how,’ but also explains the ‘why’ behind such tools providing employees with a thorough understanding of the concepts.

The ultimate power, of an organization, is derived from its personnel. MSCS believes that companies, with an environment where folks can learn and work together as a team, achieve higher performance levels.

As your consultant or Fractional Director of Operations, you’ll benefit from the liaison role that we provide to manufacturing and your R & D group as we support the full spectrum of activities ranging from New Product Introduction (NPI) to sustaining operations.

MSCS wants to be your consultant or ‘Fractional Director of Operations.

Here’s to your continued success!

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