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Activity Log Template

This log is designed to document the type and duration of activities performed by an individual in a department, tallying these tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Purchase ‘Buy’ Record Template

The ‘Buy’ Record is still used today by Purchasing, to save the company a lot of money, but now many production systems capture this information electronically.

Cost Analysis Template

A ‘Cost Analysis’ enables a Buyer, unable to send out multiple bids, a way to determine a fair price of a product or service by looking at the individual elements and total cost.

Cost Management Template

The cost management table provides a detailed review and comparison, for purchases, between the ‘estimated material costs’ and the ‘actual material costs.’

Request for Quotation

This Request for Quotation template is created to allow purchasing the ease of use yet provides information, standardization, supplier compliance and simple consolidation.

Purchase Requisition

Purchase requisition, and the management and administration of purchasing play a key role in the acquisition of needed raw materials and supplies when supporting the company’s operations.