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Purchasing Materials or Services Using Purchase Requisitions —— PUR-6400-WI

This work instruction (Microsoft Word document available) provides a company with a ‘complete’ turn-key process for purchasing direct (Inventory) and indirect (Expense) products and services. It involves using purchase requisitions via email (or manually) that can be ‘server or cloud based’ allowing for on or off a company’s main campus. This work instruction is used with Purchase Requisition, PUR-6401-FM.

Purchase Material Template

Using Purchase Request Template

Purchase Requisition —— PUR-6401-FM

This purchase requisition, a Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet version, is designed to be used for inventory (direct) or non-inventory (indirect) purchases. This requisition, when completed, can be used in place of a formal purchase order template when accompanied by the Buyer’s purchase order terms and conditions. This purchase requisition can be used by itself or with work instruction PUR-6400-WI.

Purchase Requisition Template

Purchase Request Template

Request for Quotation —— PUR-6201-FM

This is a general ‘Request for Quotation’ form (Microsoft Office based Excel spreadsheet) that works for many applications, including one where production tooling must be quoted. Each form could be used for one or multiple parts.

Request for Quotation Template

Request for Quote Template

Purchase Order Template —— PUR-6250-FM

This is a general purchase order template (Microsoft Office Based Excel spreadsheet) that can be used for ordering a product or service. A company should attach a copy of its purchase order terms and conditions before forwarding this purchase order to the supplier.

Purchase Order Template

Purchase Order Template

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions —— PUR-6275-FM

This document, typically used for products or services, protects the ‘buying’ company in many ways. The buying company should have their legal counsel review for their company’s application.

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions Template

Purchase Order T&C Template