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Activity Log —— ORG-1200-FM

The ‘Activity Log’ (a Microsoft Office based spreadsheet) enables an organization associate an employee’s position with tasks. Furthermore, the Activity Log allows the company to document task completion times.

This same form is used to document these tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, and then tally all of these tasks and ‘element times’ producing a year-long man summary of actual versus standard man-hours (of 2,080 hours).

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Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Bi-Lateral ——- ORG-1406-FM

This is a ‘two-way’ non-disclosure (Microsoft Office based Word document). It is used to ensure confidentiality by parties when exchanging information. This agreement is used when both parties have intellectual property to protect and want reassurances that the other party will protect any information that they provide.

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NDA Template

Agency Defined and Sample Matrix —— ORG-1300-GN

Companies assign ‘agency’ to select individuals, such as officers and procurement personnel, so that these and only these individuals can conduct specific financial transactions for the company, i.e., make commitments for the company’s assets. This document briefly describes these duties and categories or spend authorization.

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Agency Defined Template