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Forecast Models —— CRM-3300-FM

Forecasting models are developed to address an issue for a supplier / customer in a specific industry. This model (Microsoft Office based spreadsheet) uses historical consumption, and ‘months-supply,’ and shows how much to buy and when to place purchases for replenishment.

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Forecast Usage & Monthly Supply Template

Product Margin Analysis – Sales —— CRM-3200-FM

This template (Microsoft Office based spreadsheet) allows a company to accurately define financials of a sale to a customer, i.e., allows for the input of the COGS, general and administrative costs to define the effective margin on the sale of a product to a customer.

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Product Margin Analysis Template

PPV / MOQ Customer Approval Request —— CRM-3500-FM

In some contractual arrangements, companies agree on fixed prices. If extenuating circumstance arises, such as an increase in purchased material costs, the supplier contacts the customer and requests authorization to purchase. This form serves the purpose of request and authorization.

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Customer Approval Request Template