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Production System Software

The reason these tools or templates exist is to provide companies with applications that help departments organize, execute and control their work products.

These tools and templates have been developed over many years, having been successfully used in practical applications across industries.

In addition, some of the tools allow for the measurement of performance. This provides a benchmark showing whether the departments are on track to meet objectives (or not). This allows for adjustments thus supporting continual improvement.

Over time, you will find more templates and procedures added in an effort to support a company’s effort to continually improve their operations.

Operation Management

Companies succeed by providing customers with the right product, at the right time, for the right price. To do this, a company must know its external and internal environments. Externally, the company looks at the social, economic and technical factors. Internally, the company defines its structure, culture and resources properly to succeed.

This leads to a company’s strategy formulation and implementation phases. The company’s mission statement, strategy and policies provide much needed direction. Where, on the other hand, strategy implementation provides the construct of programs, budgets and procedures.

Finally, constant evaluation and control ensure that the company continues to meet customer expectations and its revenue objectives.

Procurement & Supply Chain

Procurement spends half or more of every dollar, that the firm earns, in support of operations. Because of this procurement is expected to bring value to the entire operation, helping the company reach targeted profits. This is accomplished through actions ranging from finding the right sources of supply to negotiating contracts and pricing.

Supply Chain Management involves organizing, controlling and managing ‘all’ suppliers associated with the sale of a product to the buying company. The failure of any of the buying company’s suppliers can mean delay and lost time. And this can mean additional costs but even worse, losing customers.

That is why companies must take an active role in their entire supply chains.

Consulting / ‘Fractional CPO’

MSCS provides strategic help to companies in their efforts to understand their external and internal environments.
Externally, we’ll look at your task and societal environments, while internally concentrating on structure, culture and resources.

Likewise, MSCS provides professional management, administration, and supervision of a company’s acquisition program on a full or part-time basis.
Take procurement for example. With us performing as your fractional or full time CPO, you will receive management recommendations on all expenditures, both direct and indirect.

In addition, the CPO provides liaison duties for manufacturing, manufacturing engineering, R&D, and senior management.