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Are You Meeting, Beating, or Losing to Your Competition?

For those competitors, who simply try and keep up, it never works. They may not have yet lost, but they eventually tire and quit.

Besides having the ‘will to win,’ what are you doing to compete? In many cases, the place to start is to find out where you stand in the industry or market.

For a manufacturer, you must start by comparing yourself against your own mission, objectives, and individual department performance. Isn’t it time to know whether or not you are performing well enough to not only serve your customer’s properly and in a timely manner, but also beat your competition?

An operational audit is not that complicated, i.e., to take a look at your company’s performance with respect to serving customers. For many small businesses, it is important to know how well they handle customer orders. So, if you look at the issues that directly affect taking and completing a customer’s order, you’ll find out quickly where you stand.

In some cases, for companies with larger departments and more complex interdependent processes, it is not immediately transparent how they perform. But even if it takes a day or two to fully examine the processes and operations, you can still find out how well a department or company is performing.

Below is a portion of a summary page showing the results of an Operational Audit.

Production Operations Audit
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