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Building a World Class Supply Chain Operations

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services (MSCS) is a Supply Chain Operations consultancy that partners with clients to design a robust supply chain operation. During this process, we identify cost reduction opportunities and drive top-line growth through targeted transformation and optimization efforts.

We collaborate with clients to help create a competitive advantage by aligning operational capabilities with business and commercial strategies. Furthermore, we target and measure performance across all departments, and that drives results.

How We Work

MSCS’s experienced teams, comprised of industry and consulting leaders, works with client resources to analyze and apply proven best practices. Our approach and proprietary tools help clients drive increased value into and from their operations.

Our team is supported by a framework of operational benchmarks and leading practices to guide our clients through the optimization process.

World Class Supply Chain Operations

Building a world-class supply chain group requires focusing on strategic and operational objectives that go well beyond the stereotypical view of simply launching purchase orders and the receipt of products.

Company executives now expect supply chain operations to play a much larger role in the organization and bring increased value to the entire enterprise.

This, in turn, has encouraged many companies to include a supply chain professional in their executive leadership, making supply chain operations more of an integral part of the company’s strategic and operational decision-making process.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services (MSCS) provides guidance to businesses so they can meet and overcome challenges and drive efficiency, customer service, and cost optimization.

This is made possible by defining the operational needs of the organization, and the best method for addressing these needs.

For this reason, we work with clients to

  • benchmark other top-performing supply chain organizations in the industry and what key functions are needed
  • formulate a flexible strategy and roadmap to a ‘value-driven’ business model based upon the company’s mission, objectives and policies
  • implement strategy by developing granular programs, budgets and procedures for departments and their objectives
  • track performance of the new model monitoring, evaluating progress and suggesting correction when needed

Why Look to MSCS as Your Consulting Partner?

MSCS has a proven track record of helping companies establishing world-class supply chain operations.

We have practical experience with operational processes and proprietary tools that can easily be applied to most businesses and departments. Our programs and advice are based upon data analytics and proven methods that have delivered measurable and achievable results.

We work to build teams and support for these programs by explaining the ‘why’ as well as the how and when. We communicate these programs to ensure that everyone is well informed.

The Bottom Line. MSCS’ track record includes successful supply chain transformation for both large and small clients. Improvements include increased efficiencies, increased on-time customer delivery, and ‘hard savings’ yet increasing quality and customer satisfaction. To date, MSCS has added more than $200 million straight to company bottom lines.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services

We are Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services, MSCS, specializing in ‘enterprise wide’ production and operations management programs. Our company’s proprietary processes and services promote organization, control and cost reduction boosting your company’s bottom line. How can we help you? Contact Us

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